Dr. Nick - photoTrue Knowledge Ministries, International was originally founded by Dr. Nicholas T. Lalli and incorporated in 1999. He was ordained with the late Dr. Lester Sumrall in 1996 and was an affiliate with Revival Fellowship International. Dr. Lalli passed away on May 30, 2016. His legacy and vision, to raise and train leaders to carry God’s Word to their world, variety 2013 009continues on with TKMI Mannington Church, New Destiny Church, TKMI Worship Centers in East Africa, and TKMI Broadcasting. TKMI Bible Training Centres in East Africa, Bible School Manuals, Ministerial Fellowship, and the Humanitarian work, both at home and abroad, are just a few of His accomplishments and the fruit that remains.

Ap Pam Lalli

As Dr. Lalli’s successor, Pamela Lalli was commissioned in August of 2016, as the Apostolic Overseer of TKMI. She is ordained with Revival Fellowship International and Drs. John & Rebecca Polis. She has worked alongside of her husband for 19 years in mission’s work in Africa, the TKMI Mannington Church, and TKMI Broadcasting. She carries the presence of God in music. She serves in teaching and mentoring those who desire to grow in their purpose.